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Static Website designs are the ones that are built keeping in mind that the contents of the website pages would not change very often. Static website designs are generally used by small businesses that are complete in information and do not require any changes very often to their website. Static web designing is done by writing the code in simple HTML format; if anytime the design requires changing then the source code has to be modify or change completely for which good web programming knowledge is required. There are companies that redevelop these type of static websites if required.

A typical static web design generally contains static pages that can be loaded very easily on the server and are loading very fast. These types of static web page designs have their structures designed and developed in such a way that they take very less time to load on a browser. Static webpage designs contain images also that can be easily viewed by the target users. Static web page designing in simple means writing an HTML code for static web pages. If you are not good and well versed with HTML/CSS, then you may need the help of good static web design companies that would develop and design static website for you.

Our company is one of the best small business website design company; we help the small companies to make their mark in the web market easy and affordable. We develop and design Static web page design in the manner that it takes very less time to design and once completed takes very less time to load on internet and can be viewed by a very larger group of audience. In static web page creation, the pages are designed and developed in such a way that they can be shifted to new / any web platforms without the hassle of making changes to the database because no database is used in static websites. The static website builder companies take care that such shifting of the web pages does not damage / change the final files of the website.

Static web page creation have the benefit of being viewed whenever accessed without the hassle of waiting for them. As every coin has two sides; likewise static web designing has its cons too. Static website design cannot be searched from bits of keywords; meaning search engines do not support the browsing of static pages. Hence such static pages are not displayed when we try searching using keywords. Small business website designs are built up using simple codes that contain text, graphics and images. So if you want something affordable choose a static web page design that falls easy on your pocket and yet meets your online requirements.

TechnoXL Solutions is a one stop economical shop for all of your web needs.

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